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Chronicles of the Calamitous Cani

May. 30th, 2009 07:18 am OOC: ((Hurrah for me!))

((Just got married last night, yay! It was a nice basic ceremony in front of about 30-40 family members and friends or so, pretty close. Nice and gender equitable setup too; we wore matching suits, had mirrored groups, both entered the same and left the same. Less than $1000, and a big part of that was in extra expense finding me a sturdier ring that I wouldn't break easily.))

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May. 30th, 2009 12:15 am Now how did THAT get there?!?

I seem to have acquired a new spell on my magerium. Where it came from is a mystery to me; I certainly don't recall grafting it.
I will call it Deliver The Distant Nightmare (CrMe25). A touch of looking at theory indicates that it really aught to be Complexity 20, rather than 25. It is a modified form of the basic Plant The Nightmare (CrMe15) which forces the subject to have a certain dream as created by the caster; unlike the version I am familiar with, this variant is meant to be used through an arcane connection.
The malicious potentials of this spell should be obvious, particularly as used with other, even more insideous magics.
I believe I am going to try to forget that I ever saw this spell now whimper and try to find a good excuse and cover story.

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Apr. 7th, 2009 11:00 pm OOC: Bah!

((Alright, I just finished a long and rather arduous process of adding a teenage daughter back into the household while in the process of moving. I haven't had much time to think in awhile, and I haven't been online. Terribly sorry for the vanishment. I'll be rereading here shortly, as some of my storylines are a bit at loose ends in my head, and I am reluctant to apply the sort of Mentador needed to put them together in a hurry!))

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Feb. 18th, 2009 08:20 am On Mysterious shadowy figures

Sinuuf: "And you would be?"
Mysterious Stranger: "That isn't a question that someone in your situation traditionally gets."
Sinuuf: "Well then; who are you with? Which question did you hear that I had? I've had several, after all."
The Mysterious Stranger paused at that, in consideration.
Sinuuf"After all, if I just -guess-, I may well be wasting your time after all? And i'm sure that anyone who casually burgles their way into houses to chat tend to have a rather high value on their time. I could be mistaken."
Mysterious: "You've been gone, I hear. and now, you wonder exactly where or why?"
Sinuuf: "Well, yes. I don't actually recall leaving at all."
Mysterious: "I couldn't tell you where you went. But you did leave. Not long after casting a Mentador pattern spell on a guardsman with a complexity of twenty."
Sinuuf: "Oh yes. That. It was a HEALOC spell. Used to heal a Guard member, at their request. Successfully, too."
Mysterious: "I am well aware. But it was a -pattern- spell, rather than, say, a woven one."
Sinuuf: "It was. Is the posession of a healing spell an issue for one training as a Healers' guild member?"
Mysterious"Of course not. ...Of course, the source of a boxed Mentador spell of complexity twenty is slightly more of a concern."
Sinuuf: "To whom? Are you looking to -purchase- Mentador spells? I have no intention of selling them. In truth, I don't think I even -could-. The kind of people who would provide spells of that sort are very good at making sure that their customers will not compete with them."
Mysterious"I don't want to hear about you selling any spells of that sort. That would make for some serious trouble.."
Sinuuf"Ah. You represent the Guard, I suppose, then.. Those spells didn't come from anywhere near here, most likely. I acquired it long before I came to Vheshrame."
Mysterious: "I see. Do you have any other surprises involving Mentador that you might want to not advertize about? Because I don't know that it would go well for you if that piece of information were to end up in the wrong hands."
Sinuuf: "I see. Blackmail it is then. I have a bit of skill at dealing with mages of the Mentador variety. Defenses, healing, and the sort."
Mysterious"And nothing else?" Eyes narrowed slightly at me.
Sinuuf"Nothing I would talk about to a mysterious shadowy cloaked figure with a Destroc Airador spell on them. Now, for my question: What more precise details about my absence from the city do you have?"
As it turns out, very few. Sigh.

Later, after my apartment was once again vacant, I did a bit of a review of the facts I knew, and learned at least one disturbing fact that I had not already known...

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Jan. 2nd, 2009 05:18 pm

It took a bit of doing to try to find a way to ask what I had been doing, since one would think that I would know. I wasn't able to find a way to exchange more than pleasantries with Eggum, or Altimerax. I did discover that my rent had been paid for a good length of time in advance, apparently by myself, with a large coin. Thistlegreen, though, greeted me as I passed.
Thistlegreen: "Hello, Sinuuf, I haven't seen you more than once since you came back. I wanted to make sure everything was well.. you.. were being a bit cagey. Is something wrong?" She put her weights down and walked me to a quiet and secluded corner of the yard, looking me over like an all-knowing parent.
Sinuuf: "Good.. Thank you.. I hope nothing is wrong, but I can't really say. Did I mention why I was away? It was all a blur."
Thistlegreen: "Oh, yes, you had to leave for a couple of weeks to deal with some sort of emergency."
Sinuuf: "What kind of emergency?"
Thistlegreen: "I'm not sure; you didn't say. I.. could have sworn I asked, but I don't rember if you answered. Odd.. You just wanted to make sure all your mail was saved for you, and I did that."
Sinuuf: "You did?"
Thistlegreen"Of course I did. It really wasn't any trouble."
Sinuuf: "And you gave it to me when I came back?"
Thistlegreen: "Oh yes. Don't you remember?"
Sinuuf"....No, not really... could you keep that quiet for the moment?"
Thistlegreen: "That sounds a bit ominous."
Sinuuf"I hope only a LITTLE bit ominous. Did anyone come to see me?"
Thistlegreen: "There was a guard or two who tried to find you.. I would have thought that that was dealt with already."
Sinuuf"I don't remember dealing with it."
I caught up with Bristol later that evening.
Sinuuf"Bristol, has the Guard been trying to get in touch with me for some reason? One of my neighbors said that a Guard was trying to find me, earlier, and I don't know if it was regarding something that was slipping my mind."
Bristol: "Oh, hello. I'll have to find out. I know I haven't heard anything."
Bristol: "I checked, and I don't see anything of the sort."
Sinuuf"Thank you."
And later, when I walked into my bedroom while safely inside my apartment, holding a bean-nut roll and a textbook which I had been studying in the kitchen for some time,
Mysterious Person Who I Do Not Remember Meeting And Did Not Expect To Find Sitting On My Bed: "I hear you had some questions?"

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Dec. 16th, 2008 05:52 am Oh. Oh my.

I was trying to get everyhing ready for class when my entire world took a mighty blow.

I woke up, and threw my books together. I've just started with introductory classes at the hospital, and Cabir has loosened his demands on my time accordingly. I exhanged idle witticism with Thistlegreen, then went to the clinic to tidy up some loose ends there. Nothing out of the ordinary. Of course, that was when the door opened. Chrys took two steps in, saw me, and froze.

Chrys: "Sinuuf? I didn't know you would be here!"
Sinuuf: "Where else would I be?"
Chrys"I don't know. You haven't been here in -weeks-! No-one seemed to care much, but they never said where you were, either."
Sinuuf: "This is news to me, I don't remember going anywhere.."
"Maybe you should check, then!"

I did some quick checking. I seem to be missing a fearfully large amount of time from my memory, and I could not seem to work out how to heal it, even though I expect it should be relatively straightforward.
This is very much a Bad Thing.

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Oct. 10th, 2008 09:43 pm OOC: Meme-age from the Lizard

Passed on from sythyry 
If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now,(even if we don't speak often or ever) please post a comment with a COMPLETELY MADE UP AND FICTIONAL memory of you and me.

It can be anything you want - good or bad - BUT IT HAS TO BE FAKE.

When you're finished, post this little paragraph in your LJ and see what your friends come up with.  Or, not.

[[OOC updates: Dating someone new and frantically job-hunting.]]

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Sep. 15th, 2008 09:35 am

Here is the piece of the story that was missing.
Bristol, Viola, and Sand idly took note that a local merchant had closed their shop at a very unusual time of day, and were looking about for him. Viola had heard a familiar voice in an alleyway, and looked around the corner. Viola did not specifically call for help, as they were together, even though Bristol and Sand were talking to someone else at the time about something which is essentially inconsequential.
Viola was spotted by said merchant, who released a bound spell. During the triggering of this spell, Viola made a noise of protest and drew her sword.
Viola then decided to continue watching to see what said merchant would do. This is presumably not the course of action she would have chosen normally.
The merchant continued digging through a pile of rubbish, retrieving from it a boxed spell. The merchant then ran away, and released a second bound spell upon turning the corner behind the building. Viola then realized that she was standing in an alleyway, holding her weapon, seconds before Bristol and Sand arrived to ask why she was standing at the edge of an alleyway with her sword out and hanging by her side.
Bristol surmised that the effects seemed like a mental attack, and noted that they were less than a city block from Cabir's office.

Bristol was rather alarmed that a complexity 20 spell containing Mentador had gone off in her presence, however, this was dampened by the fact that it was also a Healoc spell, which is to be expected in the office of a healer.

Bristol: "That was a big spell! What are you doing with that?"
Sinuuf: "I thought you were trying to get on the trail of an evil Mentador mage? I don't really like thinking about there being someone in town changing the minds of Guard members!"
Bristol: "But.."
Sinuuf: "We'll talk about this later. I've been in here taking care of patients and studying all day. Here! I'll even help! Do you want spells of protection against Mentador?"
Bristol: "It would... help?" She seemed a bit confused by being put on the defensive.
Three castings of Aura of Alertness to Mentador (KeSuMe 15) got passed around.
Sinuuf: "Go! Go! You have an Evil Mentador Mage to deal with!"
They left, looking more than a bit confused and disturbed.

Cabir: "That was interesting."
Sinuuf: "I hate evil Mentador mages."
Cabir: "You -are- a Mentador mage."
Sinuuf: "I try not to be evil."

Cabir walked to his desk and shuffled through some files for a minute or so.
Cabir: "They'll be back to talk to you."
Sinuuf: "If they want more protective spells, you're the one who was saying that you needed some extra income. And that was a healing spell. It isn't like I was changing their memories or some such thing."
Cabir: "True."
Cabir: "...."
Cabir: "Do you have a spell to change memories?"
My answer was to put stitches into a piece of leather.

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Sep. 13th, 2008 01:00 pm

"Well!", said Cabir, "Why are you coming to me in particular? I am not known for having any talent with Mentador, after all." He picked up one of the cleaning items he had on hand, the air-cleaning fan, and waved it at the bench in the room, and incidentally at myself. Probably for the best, as I had frozen up in terror.

Bristol: "You're the closest.. Viole saw something, but we don't know what anymore. Something made her forget."
Cabir: "Something?"
Bristol: "We were looking for someone who we'd been told to look out for. Viole saw something and called out to them, but when we got to her she was confused."
Cabir: "Confused?"
Viole: "I don't remember calling out.. We were walking and looking, and I was standing in an alley.. I don't remember what I was doing, or why I went into the alley, though."
Cabir: "Hmm.. Destroc Mentador effect of some kind?" This question wasn't directly aimed at me, so I didn't actually need to answer it.
Sinuuf: "If I remember my magic theory right, a complexity ten spell would do it." I actually know the pattern spell that likely did it. This doesn't help me at all in being able to prove my innocence, but I actually have Lost Minute (DeMe 10) grafted.
Bristol: "Probably something like Lost Minute. I don't know if a few minutes helps break it easier. I'd like to know what she saw before the trail goes dry."
To my credit, I actually have the perfect spell for such occasions. Unfortunately, the spell in question is Restore the Stolen Memory, Healoc Mentador 20. People tend to become uneasy knowing that anyone around can cast Mentador at that level of potency.

This renders the issue into one of healers' ethics.
The Healers' Guild heals people. While this is a statement that seems very obvious, it is one that has some consequenses attached to it.
This would be an act of healing, albeit a potentially rather hazardous one to one's social standing.
The question of how much personal danger a healer is obligated to place themself in in order to perform an act of healing is one that is debated, and yes, I read the chapters on ethics just last week.
Dutorneau favors an absolutist approach to healing, and feels that it is the duty of the healer to heal even enemies and the politically unpopular. Azraziel follows a pragmatic approach, and feels that a successful and safe healer will produce more healing than a dead martyred doctor. Dutorneau is Rassimel, and can be expected to be more than slightly obsessed with principle, while Azraziel, being a Zi Ri healer and scholar of some three hundred years of experience, can be expected to see survival as being of great importance and would not be expected to subscribe to a philosophy of martyrdom.
In the discussion of these, Cabir noted that Chrentothany feels the Healers' Guild to have a duty of care toward healers acting to heal patients, and Chrentothany is local to this area and likely to have some sway in the matter. Ergo, I am likely going to have some protection if I am acting in the capacity of a healer under the guidance of a Guild-affiliated healer mentor.

Sinuuf: "True, I don't much like the idea of a Mentador mage running around harassing the Guard. This is Guard business, I assume? I think we can fix this."
I, gulp, cast the spell.

Bristol: "Yeep!"

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Aug. 5th, 2008 02:09 pm

((Sorry, been obscenely busy. This one is really short, too. None of my longer ideas were working pacing-wise.))

The day started off well, even if the needle wasn't cooperating with me.
Cabir: "No, no, you need more practice. Try again." He had me sewing up chamois scraps with holes cut in them.
Sinuuf: "Any ideas about my neighbor?"
Cabir: "I honestly wouldn't know. I haven't seen her, and I don't know who is, so i'm not going to be much use there."
Sinuuf: "Mm. Well, it's frustrating."
Cabir: "I wouldn't worry about it. You'll be in class soon! You need to get your schedule worked out for that, have you started?"
Sinuuf: "A bit.. It's pretty simple. Lots of theory groundwork to start, and I didn't see a lot of choices to make there."
Cabir: "At least today is calm. Not much excitement today."

The door opened, to reveal Guard Bristol standing behind it, accompanied by another person I didn't know.

Cabir: "Ah, Bristol! How can I help you today?"
Bristol: "Hi, Cabir! We're looking for an evil Mentador mage!"

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