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On Mysterious shadowy figures - Chronicles of the Calamitous Cani

Feb. 18th, 2009 08:20 am On Mysterious shadowy figures

Sinuuf: "And you would be?"
Mysterious Stranger: "That isn't a question that someone in your situation traditionally gets."
Sinuuf: "Well then; who are you with? Which question did you hear that I had? I've had several, after all."
The Mysterious Stranger paused at that, in consideration.
Sinuuf"After all, if I just -guess-, I may well be wasting your time after all? And i'm sure that anyone who casually burgles their way into houses to chat tend to have a rather high value on their time. I could be mistaken."
Mysterious: "You've been gone, I hear. and now, you wonder exactly where or why?"
Sinuuf: "Well, yes. I don't actually recall leaving at all."
Mysterious: "I couldn't tell you where you went. But you did leave. Not long after casting a Mentador pattern spell on a guardsman with a complexity of twenty."
Sinuuf: "Oh yes. That. It was a HEALOC spell. Used to heal a Guard member, at their request. Successfully, too."
Mysterious: "I am well aware. But it was a -pattern- spell, rather than, say, a woven one."
Sinuuf: "It was. Is the posession of a healing spell an issue for one training as a Healers' guild member?"
Mysterious"Of course not. ...Of course, the source of a boxed Mentador spell of complexity twenty is slightly more of a concern."
Sinuuf: "To whom? Are you looking to -purchase- Mentador spells? I have no intention of selling them. In truth, I don't think I even -could-. The kind of people who would provide spells of that sort are very good at making sure that their customers will not compete with them."
Mysterious"I don't want to hear about you selling any spells of that sort. That would make for some serious trouble.."
Sinuuf"Ah. You represent the Guard, I suppose, then.. Those spells didn't come from anywhere near here, most likely. I acquired it long before I came to Vheshrame."
Mysterious: "I see. Do you have any other surprises involving Mentador that you might want to not advertize about? Because I don't know that it would go well for you if that piece of information were to end up in the wrong hands."
Sinuuf: "I see. Blackmail it is then. I have a bit of skill at dealing with mages of the Mentador variety. Defenses, healing, and the sort."
Mysterious"And nothing else?" Eyes narrowed slightly at me.
Sinuuf"Nothing I would talk about to a mysterious shadowy cloaked figure with a Destroc Airador spell on them. Now, for my question: What more precise details about my absence from the city do you have?"
As it turns out, very few. Sigh.

Later, after my apartment was once again vacant, I did a bit of a review of the facts I knew, and learned at least one disturbing fact that I had not already known...

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Date:February 19th, 2009 12:23 am (UTC)
This sounds rather disconcerting, to say the least.
Date:February 19th, 2009 04:28 pm (UTC)
I suppose that could've gone worse. /o.o\